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Saturday, April 15, 2006

Summer Fashion

With the coming of spring it is time to discuss fashion.  The topic: Sandals and Socks.  This issue has been near and dear to my heart because my sister is debating whether to continue dating a guy who wears socks with his sandals.  My other sister has a firm rule that she will never date anyone who wears socks with his sandals.  Yep, it’s a toughie!

A recent post by Scot McKnight brought this explosive issue to the forefront of Internet discussion - so needless to say this is a hot button topic.  Some say that socks and sandals are acceptable only in Europe, while others buck the trends of American fashion and proudly display their stockings beneath their summer footwear.  And then there is the whole issue of those cool soccer guys who wear sandals with their soccer gear, which of course includes long socks.

As for me I am undecided.  I have never worn socks with sandals, but I am considering taking the plunge and seeing how society reacts.  Hey, if Scot McKnight does it, then it can’t be so bad!

For more research you can check out this website:


Stephanie MacMillan said...

Oh my goodness. No go. Socks and sandals are bad, very bad. Guys wearing sandals is very, very bad. This fashion atrocity must be stopped! Fashion police be alerted!

Hollywood said...

JON!!!! You are never allowed to wear socks with sandals EVER!!! Actually white socks should never, ever be worn, unless you are going to the gym...and even then it is not acceptable to wear them with sandals!!!

Have you learned nothing from me!?!?! We need to sit down and have a course on fashion dos and don'ts...socks and sandals are a definite fashion DON'T!!! As well as guys getting their haid dyed a brassy orangish, reddish, cheetah pattern color!

Next week...Fashion 101 taught by the world renoun Jess McMahon who has her Fashion PHD from Harvard. First lecture is entitled Socks & Sandals, the epidemic.

Jonathan Erdman said...

Well, well...how do really feel?!!?!

Please, don't hold anything back!

Hollywood said...

Would you expect any less from me???

Stephanie said...

I am with you Jess! Especially on the cheetah hair- please take me with a grain of salt, Jon.

Anonymous said...

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