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Tuesday, May 08, 2007


It appears that The Theos Project blog has inspired a group of musicians to start a band - a Christian prog-rock band....Unfortunately the music is terrible, although I do appreciate the lyrics!


ktismatics said...

So the title of my second (unpublished yet great) novel is Prop O'Gandhi. A couple days ago I found out about . I think my band can kick your band's ass any day of the week.

ktismatics said...

Now why is it that my link looked right in preview mode, but when I went to publish it got messed up? I've been having trouble with links on wordpress blogs lately too. Conspiracy or deteriorating skills?

Jonathan Erdman said...

May I suggest User Error??!!

Jonathan Erdman said...

Actually that band you linked to isn't all that bad. I like their sound and they have some clever lyrics...Granted, they are a bit edgy/angst-ridden/rebellious, but somewhat clever:

"Welcome to the offices of Economic and Manpower Analyses here at our historic and sprawling West Point Academy campus! My name is Mindy! It is my distinct pleasure to introduce you to a loving father of three (and a champion of the sanctioned use of armed force in pursuit of policy objectives). Ladies and gentlemen, put your hands together for the project director of our newest recruitment strategy; our mission to staff future combat systems through current technologies. Without any further ado, I give to you Colonel Casey Wardynski!"

(warm applause)

"Thank you! Let me begin with some sentimental appeals to our national myths; assorted clich├ęs coined by the state; the ideological shorthand meant to sweep your private doubts [away] of this virtual training course. This portal; this Trojan Horse that you living idiots paid for and actually rolled into your own kids’ rooms."

(stunned silence)

"Oops, did I just say that out loud? Oh, well, it’s not like it’s something new. It’s just the logical extension of the decades of bilge water that you’ve let us pump into your homes. The pink noise that hums away in the background while you run the gauntlet we force on you everyday. The billowing candy floss that helps to soften the blow. Deep down you’ve always known that your children already belong to us, so why don’t you cut the outraged parent routine, shut your mouth and get back in your seat. Your children already belong to us. What are you? You will pass on. And they won’t know a fucking thing but this 'community,' this real life Ender’s Game. Forget what you think you know."

Or consider this cute little number, "A People's History of the World":

At some turning point in history, some fuckface recognized that knowledge tends to democratize cultures and societies so the only thing to do was monopolize and confine it to priests, clerics and elites (the rest resigned to serve), cuz if the rabble heard the truth they’d organize against the power, privilege and wealth hoarded by the few- for no one else. And did it occur to you that it’s almost exactly the same today? And so if our schools won’t teach us, we’ll have to teach ourselves to analyze and understand the systems of thought-control. And share it with each other, never sayed by brass rings or the threat of penalty. I’ll promise you- you promise me- not to sell each other out to murderers, to thieves… who’ve manufactured our delusion that you and me participate meaningfully in the process of running our own lives. Yeah, you can vote however the fuck you want, but power still calls all the shots. And believe it or not, even if (real) democracy broke loose, power could/would just “make the economy scream” until we vote responsibly.

Jonathan Erdman said...

Are you sure that Propagandhi hasn't been hanging around at Ktismatics??? From the looks of the lyrics it seems as though they might be using you for inspiration....you might want to look into possible copyright infringement....

Melody said...

I didn't listen to the music..but I'm pretty sure your band (Theos Project) has to be lame, based almost entirely on their logo.

Pastels? What's up with that?

Jonathan Erdman said...

I know! It's hillarious!!