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Monday, January 07, 2008

Miscellaneous Monday

I'm surprised by the recent politics. Barack is now in the forefront, having won in Iowa and now leading in New Hamp. I really thought Hillary would win the Dem. nomination, but things do not look good for her. For one thing, I think it is fair to say that Bill is not the same "Slick Willy" that he was in the 90's. The Clinton team was on a roll back then, and they took advantage of the various political opportunities. These days they have far more power and connections, but why can't they make it happen? Bill, for one thing, doesn't seem to have the energy and charisma. (Crf. this current article, "In New Hampshire, Bill Clinton Finds Less Spark") In some cases, he causes more political problems. It seems he is becoming something of an irritable old man!

I still think Romney is going to win from the other side. But who would win between Romney and Barack? I think Barack has a better shot than Hillary at beating a strong Republican candidate. But let's be realistic here, a black man with the name "Barack Obama" is still problematic for a general election.

Here is a photo of doggies in the snow. These are my brother's (Matt) puppies in Tahoe, CA.

House update:
I'm a bit tired, but I keep plugging away. I have been keeping a photo journal of the work I am doing on "this old house." My bedroom is nearly completed, which will be a major overhaul of what it used to be. Next is the living room. I need to have a professional come in to look at a small section of the wall where there is bad wood. But I'll be darned if I can't find anyone who is available!

Pics of me working on the house will be coming when the major projects are complete.

Finally, I would like to give a shout out to Mama Miller. I was in a conversation with some friends this weekend who informed me that you read this blog religiously. Keep Max out of trouble down south!


Melody said...

I don't know, Obama has a lot of good press, I think he could easily beat out Romney. Especially since I think a lot of conservative voters find this a pretty depressing election already.

Not that conservatives wouldn't show up because Romney was the Republican pick - just that I don't see them being nearly as passionate about getting him elected as they were George W.

Kenji said...

ah yes, the joys of being a homeowner.

Just as a fun little warning, my parents built a house thinking that once it was built, they wouldn't have to work on it again for a nice long time. Boy were they wrong. It's a never ending project. But the good part is how rewarding it can be.

Matt said...

Ron Paul!!!

What Wood needs replaced? Maybe I can walk you thru it.

Anonymous said...

Hey Jon, you are to funny. How you doing? I'm looking forward to seeing your house. Do you like it so far and do you like the location?? Take care.
Mommy Miller

Anonymous said...

By the way I'm looking forward to seeing some pictures..