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Sunday, February 03, 2008

Reflections on Super Bowl XLII

First, let us pause to remember the glory of years gone by.....As I watch the game, I am in my Super Bowl tee shirt from last year that displays the front page of The Indianapolis Star.....A friend asked me this morning if I printed it off of the printer this morning: uh, no. The Colts are still the champs until someone else takes the the title!

Jordin(?) Sparks sang the best national anthem I've ever heard. She has an incredible voice, she had an elegant (but not complex) arrangement, and she put real feeling into her song. Even after the song, the camera showed her--she needed a few moments to compose herself. Wow. Well done.

An incredible upset. I'm a big fan of anyone who beats the Patriots (and especially Tom Pretty Boy Brady), but I think that the Pats were just overconfident. Can you imagine winning every single game in the season and then losing the BIG ONE???? That would be, like, really bad.

One Manning passing the torch to the next Manning??? Quite a game, friends. Quite a game.

On to the commercials. You can view them all at:

I loved the Audi commercial that spoofed The Godfather movie.

And how about this Facist Under Armour commercial? What's that all about? Anyone get the feeling they are at a rally for the Third Reich???

What is the point of a Facist commercial for Under Armour? To create an aura of supremacy surrounding those who wear the Armour? If I wear the Armour, do I become part of something larger than myself? Does the Armour make me invincible? A new prototype?


Kenji said...

I definitely agree about Jordan Sparks. Too many singers that do the national anthem completely destroy it while trying to add their own flare. Her additions were simple yet beautiful, and she sounded great.

As for commercials, the UnderArmor one kinda reminded me of the Macintosh "1984" commercial. That along with the Clinton spoof. Granted they are not completely similar, but for some reason that is what came to mind. Personally, my favorite were the hot air balloons.

And of course, there was a football game. Simply amazing.

T. Michael W. Halcomb said...

I'm tagging you, for more on the meme, go here:


Raptor said...

I was one of the few cheering for the Patriots. I got sick of Mercury Morris over the past two weeks.

and Whitney Houston's rendition of the National Anthem is still the best to me. (But Sparks was good as well.)

Melody said...

I enjoyed the actual game this year, thanks to Katie's stress/enthusiasm. I couldn't hear most of the commercials...the guys were too loud.