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Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Ugh of the Month


I wish I had viewed this site with an empty stomach!


daniel said...

Don't be proud Jon. Maybe you should go.

Melody said...

But Jon, you could have impact and influence. The banner said so.

Honestly I couldn't read much more than that - I couldn't get past the blue font.

daniel said...

Check out the list of speakers.

Jonathan Erdman said...

I noticed that Barnes has a session titled "Best Foot Forward: The Importance of Marketing, Branding, and Design in effectively reaching the culture," while there is another speaker (Abare) who has a website called churchmarketingsucks.com.

Also, there are guys from Zondervan and Willow Creek, so this conference still wins "Ugh of the Month."

What do you find interesting, Daniel?

daniel said...

I find it interesting that you can't see yourself being involved in this conference.

I think you need to explain that a little more. Or check your heart on the matter.

Jonathan Erdman said...

The conference/seminar/seminary approach usually ends up cranking out the same type of "minister." It kills the individuality, creativity, and personal vision that may have been able to develop prior to getting the sense knocked into you by a professor or professional speaker.

The "ministry" approach to Christianity makes me uneasy. The internet now becomes a mission field, and because it is a mission field we need to find a way to "minister." So, now we have conferences (and seminary classes soon to follow) that give handy how-to-guides on internet ministry.

Call me old fashioned (like 2,000 years out of date!), but why can't believers just share their faith and use their own experiences and creativity?

daniel said...

I hear you Jon.

Still don't rule out going to such things on principle. Don't forsake the gathering of the saints and so on! Take it case by case and pray about it.

You've got a great blog, I love being a part of it and getting to know you and your frequent contributors.