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Wednesday, February 04, 2009

Faces in the Crowd

The Theos Project gives a ten gun salute to this 19th century thinker, poet, and song writer.

Currently accepting speculations as to the identity of this brilliant intellectual.


tamie said...

What you are saying is that you have a color photograph of a person who lived in the 1800s. Hm. A worker of miracles, that's whatcha are.

Jonathan Erdman said...

Yeah, I mean, it's really amazing what kind of restorative technology they have available these days for photography. You know? It's really something.

Jason Hesiak said...

temporal globalism :)

and...wasn't the unibomber an intellectual?

tamie said...

Ah. I have figured you all out, through ye ol' FB technology. Or at least, gotten one step closer.

Jason Hesiak said...

figured WHO out!?? tell us!!???

lori lls said...

I believe this is not the secret 1800s person to whom you all refer, the one we all know about but none will say his name. Rather, this is none other than Bonnie Prince Billy.

Hi Jonathan Erdman. I am a friend of Tamie's and naturally had to come check you out since I am curious and hadn't picked up much about you via her blog.

Hi Tamie too.

Jonathan Erdman said...

Hi Lori!

How are things in Montana???

tamie said...

Hey! So you think I haven't written that much about Jon on my blog, eh? Wellll......you rarely write about Jason on YOUR blog! And you've been married to him for 9 years!! It's tough, these public forums. My blog is so intimate in one way, but it's hard when the intimacy involves another person. I want the blog to be about me, I don't want to be telling others' stories, you know? So....

But other people have been making similar complaints. So I'll see what I can do!

And how *is* Montana these days anyway?

lori lls said...

Hello you two again. Okay okay, Tamie. I hereby back away slowly from my judgement. But VERY SLOWLY. I actually just wondered if everyone else knew this Jonathan Erdman fellow and I was out of the loop. Not that I would normally be IN your loops, because the total sum of shared people we have is like 5. Still.

It's funny that we're writing back and forth on his blog.

So, Montana is pretty gray these days - at least where we are. I am anxious for summer. Actually, it was unseasonably warm this evening, and the skies parted enough to see stars and the moon. Jason said it felt like a summer evening.

There! I wrote about Jason! In Jonathan Erdman's blog comments section. And toodaloo for now. I must go make a blog entry of my own.

P.S.: Jonathan, I noticed a little something about Open Theism on your blog and I am stoked to read it. Like a fire.

Another P.S.: I noticed that Jason Hesiak referenced the Unibomber, who is from Montana!

A Final P.S.: I don't know who is the fellow from the 1800s which started this whole discussion. I only pretended to know. Actually it was sarcasm, but that's very hard to be effective at in writing.

Jonathan Erdman said...

Yes, the fellow pictured in this blog is a blogger-friend of mine named Jason Hesiak. He is an architect who lives in Los Angeles.....well, his blogger profile says that he works in L.A., but in reality he is somewhere in (West?) Virginia.

Jonathan Erdman said...


Open Theism has been an issue I've studied and thought about, on and off for several years now. It makes a lot of intriguing suggestions about God and the world and our relation to them. I don't label myself an "Open Theist," but I find that OT has raised some very important questions.

Jason Hesiak said...

Bonnie Prince Billy!!!???? Oh God. I am DEFINITELY shaving my beard now!!! And sooner than later!! And Erdman when I do don't blame it on me!

And lol lori I think this 18th Century dude is Marx. I think, but I'm actually not sure.

jhesiak said...

how 'bout Jeremiah Johnson? lol