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Monday, July 20, 2009

Land of the Pheasant

I'm off to South Dakota, land of the pheasant, for a family reunion.

Each year, my mother's side of the family all descend upon the family farm on Silver Lake for a party that rivals that of Woodstock.....minus the nudity.

In any event, being as I will be in the middle of South Dakota for a week, I will probably only have limited access to email, but I've got a few scheduled posts, nonetheless, to share with you, my adoring readers. I am going to continue sharing some of my short reflections on the retreat I attended, led by James Finley.


Melody said...

Have fun. I hear it's nice out that way.

tamie said...

It amuses me greatly that you pointed out several times that SD is "Land of the Pheasant." I will always now think of it as "Land of the White Pelican."