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Monday, January 04, 2010

Recap 09

In 2009 I....
  • Started (and stuck with!) a routine of 50 pushups a day in June.
  • Launched my Human Narrative Project: to read and review a list of 100 of the best novels.
  • Fell in love.
  • Began a routine of meditation and contemplative prayer each morning.
  • Attended church services more often than I had anticipated.
  • Took a seven week road trip out west with Tamie.
  • Made a lot of awesome new friends (particularly on said road trip).
  • Felt a new appreciation and deep gratitude for life.
  • Painted my first two paintings.
  • Helped (with Tamie) to start a creative writing class at the county jail.
  • Took a chance to leave behind my accounting career.
In 2010 I hope to....
  • Rock out 100 pushups a day, for a yearly total of 36,500.
  • Read and review 12 enriching novels.
  • Continue falling in love.
  • Continue to read, practice, and write about the contemplative approach to spirituality.
  • See what happens when it comes to church.....
  • Visit Alaska.
  • Meet more friends.
  • Grow in appreciation for life.
  • Paint a bit more.
  • Continue to watch writing transform lives in the county jail.
  • Begin a job that better fits with my personal vision for life.
  • Launch a home page where I can organize my writings.
  • Start a new Top 100 list for reading/reviewing/blogging.
  • Watch the U.S. move toward a more non-interventionist military policy.
  • Do more blogging on Paul's New Testament epistles.
  • Witness the world come together to advance the cause of environmental sustainability.
  • Live in a world that moves closer toward empowering the poor and oppressed.

1 comment:

john doyle said...

Sounds like two good years in a row, Erdman.