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Monday, May 31, 2010

Physicians and the high cost of healthcare

John Doyle has a short post that I thought I would link to. He discusses the role of Physician costs that contribute to the high cost of U.S. healthcare.

"According to this governmental report, primary care physicians in the US earn about $186,000 per year on average; for specialists it's $340,000. Not surprisingly there's a shortage of primary care docs nationwide, while the vast majority of med school students plan to train as specialists. Physicians in the US are paid more than 5 times the average wage; French physicians, in contrast, make more than twice the national average. Is American doctoring worth it? According to most empirical studies with which I'm familiar, health outcomes and adherence to evidence-based practices are no better in America than in France. And, as has been widely observed, population health is worse in the US than in France."

Here is the link for the full post:
Greedy Physician Bastards

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