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Thursday, July 15, 2010

Portland, Maine

No great ideas. Not even any pictures, unfortunately.

I'm just hanging out here in Portland, Maine, scoping out the possibility of Tamie and I moving here to this wonderful little coastal city. I am couchsurfing with a wonderful host, John. He's been great, and today we bicycled around the city. It's only a city of 60,000 or so folk (not including hamsters), but it has a nice, artists/creative community, and the scenery is lovely. Maine has many islands and a beautiful, rugged stone coast. Ferries (the boats, not gay men or the little enchanted girl creatures with wings) shuttle people out to some of these islands, or just take you around for a few hours or a day of taking in the salt air and the inspiring sights.

Try as I might, it's hard to find anyone give the city a negative review, or say anything disparaging about it. It's like pulling teeth. (Or, perhaps, it's a lot like answering that infamous interview question, "Tell us two or three of your weaknesses." You know the one? Where you try to say something "negative" about yourself, but it actually turns into a positive. Like, "Well, ya' know. One of my weaknesses is that I just get so wrapped up in my work that I can get burned out. Yeah. It can be a real draw back, I tell ya.")

So, I dig Portland, and I think moving here is now in the works. The price of living is a bit higher than living in the cornfields of northern Indiana; but, ya know, we expected that sort of thing.

Oh, and by way of a P.S. We camped in the Adirondacks on our way here to Maine. That was good times. And the drive through Vermont was tops. I mean tops. It was gorgeous. Right through central Vermont, through the Green Mountains. Oh yes. Vermont is tops. And New Hampshire has the absolutely best state motto you shall ever hear. "Live free or die."



amy frances said...

When you write about life stuff and not in-the-clouds heady stuff, you sound like Tamie.

Or did she write this for you? ;)

Jonathan Erdman said...

Oh man. So, we are starting to sound alike already.....so it begins....so it begins...What's really weird is when couples start to look alike....and then there are dogs who look like their owners (or is it the other way around?).

Jonathan Erdman said...

No. This is my authorship. I will take the credit...or the blame...

amy frances said...

Well, you both did start growing your hair out around the same time, so maybe that's already started too.

(I don't think either of you has anything to worry about there! You're a fine-lookin' bunch!)

And that would be credit; it was a pleasure to read.

Take good care, friend. And take vitamins! No more sickness, you hear?

Jonathan Erdman said...

Well, yes. After being "under the weather" (a strange phrase to use in the middle of July), I'm definitely on the mend. I biked for 7 miles or so around Portland today, and I feel good still. So, thanks for thinking of me. I'm glad to be feeling better. Being sick sucks.

amy frances said...

Very glad to hear you're doing better.

tamie said...

Sweets! I want to hear all about it, in detail! I'm SO happy you were able to bike 7 miles today. Hooray! As an aside, isn't it strange to catch up with each other through our blogs?!?