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Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Christian Selling Points

Britney Spears Article

There was a quote in this article that made me quite irritated.  It really isn’t that big of a deal, I guess, at first glance.  A Pastor was going through a series on what God (or Jesus?) would say to Britney Spears.  He stated, "There's nothing wrong with fame--Jesus certainly is the most famous Christian--but that's not where happiness lies,"
Ok.  Fine.  A fine statement was made.  Perhaps even a true statement….but it irritates me that, for some Christians, the Christian faith is sold with a promise of happiness.  Who says Christians are happy?  They have peace, but not always.  What about when we are living in sin?  Do we have peace in those times?  Nope.  How about when we are struggling with doubts?  What about times of pain?  Are Christians immune from depression?  Again, the answer is “no.”
The more I consider the Christian life – as I live it and observe those who have in the Scripture – the more I am convinced that Christianity does not have a “selling point.”  This may be a point of contention with many Christians, but I don’t see anything about the Christian faith that is very certain.  Sure, Christians will experience certainty, but not always…
So, why am I a Christian?  Simple answer:  I don’t have any choice.  I mean, I don’t want to deny my free will.  I make good and bad choices everyday and I have chosen to walk a life of faith.  But the truth is bigger than me and God is greater still.  I guess that’s why I’m irritated by the Christian “selling point:”  they reduce the faith to something so small and almost trite.