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Tuesday, February 07, 2006

More Valentine's Day Ideas

How about a relaxing walk with a llama?
"Chatting over a llama is certainly a novel way to meet people in a relaxed environment, and participants can enjoy a romantic picnic afterwards -- carried by the ever obliging llamas in their backpacks," said owner Mary Walker.
Hhhmmm….a walk with a llama.  Who would have thought that the peaceful serenity of a llama by your side on a relaxing stroll provide the perfect backdrop for the romance of Valentine’s Day.

Just more of my ideas that are a part of my contribution to make Valentine’s Day a romantic success for millions of couples across the world.  I love the beauty of this holliday – the celebration of love, the touching of two lives together in the mystery of the mythical and timeless art of romance, and the beauty of two enchanted hearts bound together in a commitment to the majesty of their passion for one another….aahhh, it is truly awe-inspiring!
Yes, Valentine’s Day is an incredible holiday!  I for one am gearing up for this blessed day by beginning to calculate just how much money I have saved since last Valentine’s Day by not having a love life.  I recently justified a minor spending spree by contemplating the amount of cash in my pocket that I have not spent on dates.  I mean, the list of expenses for having a significant woman in your life can be staggering, really, when they are all added up:  dinners (big bucks!), movies (no small expense), cards for special occasions, candy and flowers for those same special occasions, birthday and Christmas presents (And the incalculable stress of buying “the right” gift!!), rings for engagements, jewelry (a definite requirement for any long termer!), and I really think I’m just getting going here!  And, of course, if you get married then your all of a sudden a “Husband” and a “Dad.”  That’s the worst scenario because as soon a guy holds these titles then, not only does he no longer get to spend any of his money, but he no longer gets any thanks for it.  I mean my Dad never got thanks from his worthless kids!  We just took the money and ran!
So, a happy Valentine’s to all.  More of my comments in celebration of this festive time of year will follow.  In the meantime, don’t forget to review the previous suggestion I made for a Valentine’s Day idea.