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Thursday, May 18, 2006

What does a person do at my age....

So, yesterday I went to the doctor to get the low-down on a sore throat.  It appears I’ve got a little strep and a little allergies.  The doctor, a lively woman in her late forties who made a crack about how old she was, told me that “at my age” I would start experiencing spring allergies.  And that “at my age” I had a lot of great things like this to look forward to….

So, I’m talking to my sister on the phone last night and I mentioned that I had a blog.  She starts laughing and tells me, “You have a blog?!?!?”  As if I’m not young and hip enough to have a blog.  As if I’m just an old geezer whose out of place on the blogosphere….

I’m not sure I needed this kind of feedback as my next birthday approaches….


littlemorisot said...

Just to give you a little encouragement that your are harldly "old." Old is your frame of mind, not the mear candles on your cake. I have had relatives telling me since I was 7,12,16,21 that I was going on 35yrs old. See age is all in perspective. I would say, anyone blogging from the age of 10 to 100, awesome! Get your thoughts out there, and let people know how you think, what you believe, ect... (Just to let you know I have been dealing with allergies since I was five.) Just because you've got a little allergies and a soar throat doesn't mean you need to start picking the linning of your coffin! Anyways, I have known you for about a year, and I say, I have seen no "old geezer." I rather be considered an "old geezer" that's fun any day, then a "young thing" that is ignorant and boring! HEy, and you still have all your teeth, so your doing great!

Anonymous said...

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