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Tuesday, August 08, 2006

In the Arms of the Angel

A short story written by yours truly.

You can find the .pdf here:


ktismatics said...

“Maria’s car was pointed west.” Just as I’m typing your first sentence the song on the radio goes like this: “I see my light come shining from the west down to the east” – it's The Band’s classic cover of a Bob Dylan song. I’m reminded of the last song on the last Rings movie, with the pale moon rising in the west. Maria is Fate’s rider, and Fate has a trajectory.

I like road stories. I like Maria. Bo is a vivid creep. The story engaged me. The juxtaposition of perspectives and parallel events added complexity and sustained suspense. Nice job.

A couple questions. I’m not sure why George is in the story – a confidence boost at the key moment? I also wonder about leaving a little unresolved ambiguity; e.g., what would the ending be like if the reader wasn’t sure whether Amy had or had not written the letter? Maybe even the big revelation from the sheriff – your title implies angels; maybe you don’t need to say it so explicitly. But hey, that’s just me – it’s a cool story.

Jonathan Erdman said...

Good thoughts, K. Thanks for weighing in.

Yes, the "George call" is there for the confidence boost. She wouldn't have been able to get out of Indiana without it.

That's one thing I went back and forth on as I wrote: How much ambiguity to leave and how much to say....

Thanks again for your thoughts. Interesting to tie in the Dylan song.


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