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Monday, April 02, 2007

Just a regular jack-ass

I passed the asses today. Well, that's what they are - jack asses. Or "burrows" if you prefer.

I was out on my run, and I was feeling a bit sore in my joints and also in the muscles. Nothing threatening, but just a bit uncomfortable. I was just getting started, not even a mile and a half in, when I saw the two jack asses down, just down below off of the road. I'm in rural northern Indiana, and so there isn't a lot to see in the country. In order to make my own fun I said to the donkeys, "Hey, ass!" The one burrow didn't seem to mind me. The other jerked its head up in interest. He (or she...I didn't stop to check) seemed genuinely glad to see me! And the funny thing was that I could not detect the least bit of offense on the donkey's face. So, now the tables were turned: Now I felt like the jack ass for degrading these fine beasts with a condescending term that just so happens to be their descriptive name.

The jack asses just didn't know how offensive it was to be called an ass. They were oblivious as they stood there chomping on some patch of grass. The grass was much more interesting than any condescending term I could conjor up.

What does this say about life?

It's ok to just be a regular jack-ass, as long as your happy!

(Since I am once again on the subject of the jack-ass I thought I might re-post a link to a video I shot last December entitled "Everybody loves the donkey")


Jason Hesiak said...

Johnathan, you've seen the name of my blog, right!? Lol.

Jonathan Erdman said...

Yes, I am very familiar with your blog! I hope you appreciated the post because you, my friend, are the greatest of all the golden asses!

Jason Hesiak said...

I do in fact greatly appreciate the post! And I suppose I'll take my great assness (albeit golden) as a compliment :) Blessings, bro.

samlcarr said...

Nice alliteration Jon, I think you're on to something profound, like the hermeneutic key to Ecclesiastes or something