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Thursday, April 26, 2007

Kissing gets Gere in trouble

Gere is the subject of arrest warrants in India after a resident in the city of Jaipur filed a complaint about his public display of affection for Bollywood actress Shilpa Shetty.

The two shared a platonic embrace at a public function, which the complainant called "an obscene act" that offended local sensibilities, reports said.

Judge Dinesh Gupta issued the arrest warrants after subpoenaing footage of the event last week.

It's unclear what punishment Gere might face, if any. He's since left India but is a frequent visitor to the conservative country as a promoter of health issues and a supporter of the Dalai Lama, whose headquarters is in the Indian town of Dharmsala.

A public obscenity conviction in India could carry punishment of up to three months in jail, a fine, or both.
[taken from http://www.citynews.ca/news/news_10323.aspx]


Dawn said...

Thing is, Gere's a Buddhist, so he actually appreciates their culture more than the average American.

BTW, did you know that India has over a billion people?!

samlcarr said...

Dawn, "over a billion people" is that somehow linked to the question of kissing?

Gere knows that it's borderline taboo to kiss someone on TV here in India so he did it on purpose and I guess he had better stay away till the warrant is dealt with. Indian jails are not fun!

Jonathan Erdman said...

I think Dawn is saying that with a billion people after him, Gere better watch his back!

Doesn't that picture look a little bit awkward? I mean, I understand that women love Richard Gere, but that photo just looks kind of rigid and strange to me.

Hollywood said...

Don't get any tips from this little incident Jon...I know Gere is an idol for you...don't follow this example.