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Monday, October 27, 2008

Climb Every Mountain

A report on the early stages of my Germany trip.


Note: I (Erdman) am referred to as MV.


Jason Hesiak said...

dude that sounds awsome! TELL ME ABOUT THE BLACK FOREST!! I WANT TO GO THERE!!! Daniel Libeskind (architect of that berlin jewish museum) says he "learned about materiality in architecture" from the black forest.

and tell us about Heidegger's hut? did you have a camera? for either the "hut" (a "primitive hut"?) or the forest???

and your friend is funny. and those germans seem neato.

Jonathan Erdman said...


I will post more on the hütte at another time....i have a lot of pictures. we found the actual hut, which was really cool, and it is in a very scenic location.

There are more pictures to follow when i get back to the states, but if u go to 2micetravels, nicole's travel blog, u can see a couple of pictures of the black forrest and heideggers hut.....but as i said, i'll post more later, bc i even shot a short video, too.