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Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Indiana today

So, I'm back in Indiana. I arrived back from Germany last night. I know you may think that I am a helpless case, but I realized when I got back how much I missed the American media--watching Sports Center, football (of the American variety), endless sitcoms, movies, and of course coverage of the current election.....and....speaking of the election....goodness gracious! Indiana is a player again! I'm so intrigued. Obama just finished voting in Illinois, and he is on his way to Indianapolis. That's right, my friends, Obama is making his final pitch on the final day in Indiana. He's coming to a state that is staunchly Red Republican, because the campaign thinks he can win it. Amazing. Really. There's a part of me that doesn't even believe that such a thing is possible; mostly it is hard to believe because I live in a very conservative area of Indiana.

They are currently speculating that if Indiana goes to Obama, then the election is over. Indiana finishes their voting first. Indiana always votes Republican; typically they are the first to light up Red. So, whatever happens here will help get an early and significant idea of how the race is going to shape up.

In other news, I had a great trip. It was tons of fun. I will post more pictures and do a bit more blogging as I go along. Right now there are some black squirrels scurrying about in my yard, and I've got to do some unpacking and work out. The work outs have been on hold, apart from some friendly push up competitions with our couchsurfing hosts in Vienna.


tamie said...

I was very concerned that you wouldn't get back in time to vote, so this is a relief! I mean, there are so few non-conservatives in Indiana, so I knew your vote counted....But what's this I hear? Indiana is a swing state????? What the heck?

Okay, I'm going to go take a shower and have lunch, to get in good shape for voting. I'm not sure why I think I have to do so much prep for this thing that will take me three minutes...it just feels so dang momentous this year.

tamie said...

p.s. give the black squirrels a friendly pat on the head for me

Jonathan Erdman said...

Yeah, it's so weird that Indiana is a swing state....I'm sure a mutual friend of ours (let's just call her "Bev") is helping the Obama cause.

I tried to pat the squirrels on the head, but the dang things are so quick--too much nervous energy, I think!

tamie said...

I suggest sending the squirrels to visit Republicans you know who haven't voted yet. Perhaps the squirrels will distract them until the poles are closed.

Eve.........Interrupted said...

Your humor is abounding today...signs of a much needed, restful, yet adventurous trip. I was at the polls at 6:30 this a.m., and compliments of fourbucks, I mean Starbucks, I received my free coffee for voting. I am interested to see how in whole it all pans out, but I will refrain from watching it until later...I can't stand the redundantcy of media. i.e. I don't like dangling from a string of suspence until closer to the moment.
Good to have you back!