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Thursday, November 27, 2008

Happy Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving to all my friends in the blogosphere. You make my life better, so much gratitude.

I've been traveling (and preparing to travel) since the beginning of this week, so I've been out of the blog loop....I will catch up, though, but 'twill be hit and miss for the next two weeks. I'm taking some time to enjoy the south before returning to the dark and cold Indiana countryside. My first stop was in Memphis, en route to Houston, TX, where I will be spending a Thanksgiving. Then it is over to Temple, TX to see my brother, his wife, and their new addition, Camille. From there, I am swinging over to Flagstaff, AZ to see my good friend Tamie. Flagstaff will be the base camp, and will be doing some traveling around the southwest: Tucson, Mexico, and maybe see some of the Grand Canyon. When I come back in December, 'twill be time for tax season again.

Here are a few pics. of the family flag football game this morning.


Jason Hesiak said...

hey...you know how to throw a football :) AND...the dudes in your family even teach the apparently athletic women how to throw them, too...from what i can gather from that pic! lol must be some SERIOUS family flag football!!

oh and hope you had a happy thanksgiving :)

Jason Hesiak said...

oh and tell tamie i said howdy :)

Jason Hesiak said...

uummm...howdy tamie :)

Jonathan Erdman said...

Yes, Jason, the women-folk in our family are dangerously talented athletes. My cousin Sharla (above pictured) was pretty much the MVP--leaping and diving for NFL-like catches that would make even T.O. shut up and take notice!

Melody said...

I'm jealous of how warm you all look.

jhesiak said...

the question is - would she make T.O. CRY???


tamie said...

hi, jason.

Jonathan Erdman said...

Yes, Melody, the last few nights have been warm enough to wear t-shirts outside....yes, friend, t-shirts outside.....I do my best to keep my Indiana friends in bitter envy at my good fortune with nice weather.