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Friday, November 17, 2006

Don't believe the truth

So, I'm relaxing here listening to my Music Choice station (the thing where you listen to music through the television and it flashes info. about the song and the artist, etc. - you know, it's music television. Remember, like a decade or two ago when MTV used to play music???? It's like MTV only without Laguna Beach.) and the tune "Lyla" starts playing. It's a nice tune, I like it. But what got my attention was the album title:

Don't believe the truth

Seeing as truth-study is one of those things that occupies my mind from time to time I couldn't help but be a bit intrigued:

Why would anyone not believe "the truth"?

We can understand an apathy for truth - after all it can be a bit difficult to deal with sometimes - but can we understand someone who believes truth to be something completely unbelievable?

Is it possible to live a life that is not just devoid of truth, but, in fact, treats truth as unbelievable?

What does that say about our societies regard for "truth"?
Does "truth" even mean anything, anymore?

Or am I simply reading too much into a nifty little album title designed by a bunch of marketing gurus at a record company whose goal is to get the attention of adolesents, capture the almighty dollars of the prized 18-24 year old male demographic, and perhaps irritate a few conservatives along the way???