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Thursday, July 06, 2006

The Aletheia Project

Welcome to The Aletheia Project!
A list of essays and resources to facilitate informed discussion on the nature of truth from a variety of perspectives.

About the Aletheia Project
Purpose: Facilitate informed discussion on the nature of truth from many different perspectives.

The Links of Truth - A variety of good web resources on truth.

Recognizing Truth - Can we recognize truth on a non-intellectual level???

Greg Koukl on Truth - Koukl (from Stand to Reason) came to Grace College and Seminary and I had the opportunity to hear some of his thoughts on truth and briefly interact with him.

Truth Seeker - What is a truth seeker? A few points for discussion.

Is Truth Relative or Absolute? A few discussion points.

A Theology of Truth - A few brief thoughts on a theology of truth.

The Use of Aletheia in the Gospel of John - This essay is exegetical, but with an eye on philosophical concerns.

Aletheia and the Correspondence Theory of Truth - An academic paper that examines the necessity and sufficiency of the correspondence theory of truth in light of aletheia in the Gospel of John.

Truth Dichotomy - An academic essay linking contemporary philosophy of truth with the Gospel of John.