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Thursday, July 06, 2006

Truth Seeker

A few scattered thoughts of mine on what a truth-seeker is.

Is a truth-seeker someone who "follows truth wherever it leads" as Groothuis suggests? Truth for truth's sake?
Or is truth more holistic?
Is a truth-seeker really a God-seeker?
If we are not God-seekers are we really truth-seekers?


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Clarifier said...

Not all God seekers are necessarily truth seekers. All truth seekers will necessarily bump into something that appears to be what people call God. Does that mean it necessarily is God? No. Otherwise all truth seekers would arrive at the same version of God. Does it mean God necessarily exists? No. All truth seekers also bump into things other than God, some of which are lies. But if God exists, He will necessarily stand in the path of any truth seeker.

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Jonathan Erdman said...

Not all God seekers are necessarily truth seekers.

But on the account in the Gospel of John those who truly seek God are truly seeking truth, and vica versa. Also, on the account in the Gospel of John, those truly seeking God/truth will recognize both in the person of Jesus Christ.

Perhaps we are on the same page here.

Best of luck on your new blog.

Anonymous said...


Edward Siders said...

My dear friend i just found your blog . You could be just the one i am looking for. MY problem and yours is smart-screen has blocked me from downloading your blog. What can you or I do to solve this problem ?

Edward Siders said...

I dont clame i am a truth seeker I am a truth seeker. And we are not many, When we attemp to reveil the truth. no one wants to listen " only those that seek the truth will listen.The truth is not what we believe , its what we know is the truth.AND we base eveything on FACTS and not on what we believe.