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Monday, July 31, 2006

Get Rid of Your Alarm Clock!

I would like to start a national movement - no, make that an international movement - to get rid of the alarm clocks.

Over the course of the last few months I have found that I have conditioned myself to wake up at just the right time. Now, this is odd, because I never thought I could live with out an alarm clock to wake me up in the morning. But it seems as though the internal clock of my body is operating on an amazingly accurate level of sophistication. Typically I wake up within 10 minutes of the time I need to get up (usually about 10 minutes early). Sometimes I find myself waking up a few hours before I need to get up, but for me this is nothing unusual. Even when I still used the alarm clock I found myself waking up at 4 or 5 in the morning, and I would usually just go back to sleep. Well, same deal now, only I don't need the alarm clock to wake me up. My body just knows when I need to get up.

What about when my time frame changes? What if I need to get up later or earlier? Well, to date I have had no problems with this. I have always woke up in time, even when the time I need to wake up changes. As I mentioned before, I wake up a few hours before I need to get up and my body just seems to make a mental note that I need to wake up. For example, let's say that I need to wake up at 9:30 AM instead of 7:00 AM. Well, I might wake up at 6:30 AM and then my body just knows that it only has two hours of sleep.

But here is the best thing about it: NO MORE JARRING NOISES. No more jolting or disturbing sounds that rattle my system and almost give me a heart attack. My body knows when to wake up and so when I wake up I am more refreshed. Now, if I don't get enough sleep I will still be tired, but on a normal night when I get sufficient sleep I feel like my body wakes up gradually rather than with a sudden jolting alarm ring.

Have I stumbled onto something here? Are there scientific studies that back me up on this? Can everyone get rid of their alarms? Or is it only a select few of us that can live without that annoying beep?

Let's start a movement!