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Thursday, July 06, 2006

The Links of Truth

The Links of Truth

Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy
Some excellent articles on truth. The best truth-resource on the web…well, besides my site!
Axiomatic Theories of Truth
Coherence Theory of Truth
The Correspondence Theory of Truth (aka the Doug Groothuis View)
The Deflationary View of Truth
The Identity View of Truth
The Revision Theory of Truth
Tarski’s Truth Definitions

Chuck Colson
A few paragraphs on the knowability of truth from a cultural perspective

A blogger addresses the value of truth in “Gimme some truth”

Doug Groothuis
In “What is Truth?” Doug argues for the correspondence view of truth against relativism and pragmatism: http://www.leaderu.com/theology/groothuis-truth.html
“Staying True to Truth” – Cultural/Christian perspective on truth.
Doug’s article “Why Truth Matters Most” online. Originally published in JETS.

Internet Encyclopedia of Philosophy
A good introductory article on truth: http://www.iep.utm.edu/t/truth.htm
The Prosentential Theory of Truth – A deflationary-type view of truth

Soren Kierkegaard
“The crowd is untruth!” – An excellent essay by SK
Doug briefly blogged on it here: http://theconstructivecurmudgeon.blogspot.com/2005/10/against-crowd-soren-kierkegaard.html

Michael Lynch
An important philosopher of truth – A “Pluralist” view of truth. He is editor of one of the best anthologies on truth (The Nature of Truth). This is his home site with a few very useful essays.

Scot McKnight
A brief blog entry on postmodernism and truth

J.P. Moreland
“Truth, Contemporary Philosophy, and the Postmodern Turn”
This is a reprint of Moreland’s address at ETS in 2004. I have referenced this a few times in my essays.
Here is a very brief essay on truth:

Wiki always has something to say: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Truth

Kevin Winters
A series of blog entries on Heidegger and truth – this link is for the first in a series of blogs. Kevin’s blog primarily explores Heideggerian issues.

Please leave comments on other recommended Links of Truth. It would be nice to have links from many diverse perspectives. Any blogs or research you have written is welcome as well.

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Berj said...

I have been reading your paper on Truth in the Gospel of John and have found some new and worthwhile leads in my study of the subject.
I would very much like to know what you think of my thoughts at my web site, www.Truth-defined.com.

Thank you

Jonathan Erdman said...

Thanks for sharing your link, Berj.

Your thinking over at truth-defined.com is well-developed and detailed, so I will just offer a couple of general thoughts. (As a side note, it might be very productive if you could publish your thoughts on a blog so that people could interact with and comment on some of the specifics of your arguments.)

First, I'm confused as to how you can get away with doing these two things, simultaneously: Holding a propositional view of truth, but only believing that one proposition is actually true. For example, how do you substantiate the proposition: "There is only one true proposition"? You say that "Jesus Christ is God" is the only true proposition, but it seems as though there are several other propositions which must also be true if we are even to make that one statement: We must define who Jesus is/was, what a "Christ" is, and who "God" is. This will require, necessarily, that we invoke propositions, but when we start to assign propositions to these terms it seems to me necessary that we also assign a truth value. If we do not assign a truth value to these things and say that they are "nTnF" (neither True nor False) then you are left with a true proposition that is supported (at least definitionally) by statements that are not true. This to me would present a problem. If nothing else it simply sounds very odd.

Second...I think you are still continuing on the same project that has been underway for as long as Augustine: Looking for the essence/nature of truth. Your project more than the others is looking to isolate the "one thing" that truth is. Where my project differs significantly from yours is that I question whether truth has an "essence" or can be defined in terms of a nature. Your answer is yes - and so much so that you believe only one proposition is true. We could not differ more radically in this regard because my development has been to see truth as polymorphous: Truth is seen in various forms depending upon which aspect of reality/experience one is speaking to and examining.

My basis for this development has been the study of the Gospel of John and the thought of Anthony Thiselton. You can access a summary of my thoughts on various links on this blog, and I would be interested in what you think of some of the specific details of my development. However, for the purposes of commenting on your site I will simply note that I find in the Gospel of John that the term aletheia is used in such a diverse way that it seems impossible to determine what the essence/nature of truth is according to John. What binds truth together, it seems, is simply that it dominates all aspects of reality and that it touches a person on all levels.

Thanks again for the link, and I would love to see your thoughts take shape in a blog.

Anonymous said...

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