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Friday, February 09, 2007

How does Rudy look?

So, Rudy Giuliani's name is being kicked around as a presidential candidate for 08. The buzz amongst conservatives is whether or not they could ever get behind a pro-abortion candidate. Guiliani has been clear on his belief that abortion is the mother's choice (as oppossed, I guess, to the daughter who is in the womb).

But here is the thing: He simply needs to state that he is for the states deciding the issue. He can say that Roe v. Wade was a bad idea and that each state should decide the issue on its own.

Here's the scenario: Hilary and Rudy square off in 08. The conservatives will still vote for Rudy simply to avoid having the Clinton's in office. There may be some conservatives who stay home on principle, but the majority I think will rally against Hilary. If Rudy is articulate and does a good sell job, I think he can strike a delicate balance as a pro-abortion candidate who believes the states should decide the issue. Now all of a sudden he is going to get some moderates into his camp. Moderates who like the idea of having a pro-abortion candidate in office.

It would certainly be entertaining, from a political pespective, to see Hilary v. Rudy in 08.


Melody said...

Entertaining if you don't have to live in the country...Giuliani couldn't be president...that's such a joke. The only reason anyone's considering him is because he put on a strong face when 9/11 happened. And because we really, really haven't got a good option for a Republican runner.

Melody said...

Incidentally, your blog won't let me comment on your "Shopping for Answers" post...and it's making me really angry.

Jonathan Erdman said...

I'm sorry to hear that my blog is irritating you.....As far as I tell blogs are kind of like dogs: they take on the personality of their owner...

Melody said...

Dogs take on the personality of their owner? That's kind of disconcerting...since I hate my roommate's dog.

LINDSAY said...

Well dogs do take on a personality of their own and of their owner! And I think my dog is wonderful and beautiful. My roommate has some deep seated issues concerning dogs.