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Saturday, June 02, 2007

Dr. No

I was able to watch the first James Bond movie from start to finish this weekend. I guess there is a reason why so many people say that Sean Connery is the best Bond of them all.

This clip is the first sighting of Bond, as played by Sean Connery. As we get our first facial shot we hear the familiar introduction, "Bond. James Bond."


Dawn said...

I love the Bond movies, even though they're typically sexist and racist. We just have to remember the times in which they were made and give them license.

I really like Sean Connery...smooth as silk. But (and this'll tick off some folks) I really liked Daniel Craig and rough and tumble Bond.

Melody said...

My grandmother was the publicity photographer for that first Bond movie. She said that if she'd known Sean Connery was going to be famous she'd have gotten to know him better.

Melody said...

Incidentally, I've never seen the movie. When it first came out on DVD, my grandmother bought it and we tried to play it on my aunt's new dvd player...we totally couldn't get past the menu. So sad.