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Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Paris Bytes

The Paris Hilton interview ends. Immediately the next show begins. No commercial break, go right into Anderson Cooper 360. And what is the topic? Paris Hilton, of course. Analysis of the interview. No sooner has the interview ended and we must shape it into what it will be.

All things considered it was a rather bland and boring interview. Paris reflected on life while she was in prison. Paris had a hard time of it. Paris is a new person.

So, Paris analyzes herself. Larry King analyzes Paris. The news pundits analyze the analysis. And now I analyze all of the analyzing.

What I find interesting about all of the analysis is that for all of the analyzing there seems to be very little real reflection. How much real introspection takes place in the midst of the spin and the hype?

What passes as "analysis" these days is, in all reality, simply an endless stream of sound bytes.


Jonathan Erdman said...

You know, in this picture Paris almost looks pretty.

samlcarr said...

Catharsis is the best beautician! or, perhaps she is trying not to look provocative, hands emurely folded... or is it just that we are looking for a difference?

Jonathan Erdman said...

Indeed. And what is even more sad is to know that everything she does is choreographed to present the Paris Hilton Image.

Who is the real Paris Hilton, and does she even know????

In the interview she talks about not being "herself" while in the public eye and under the spotlight. But the best actors and the best liars are those who believe the phantom reality they are creating. The public/private self cannot be as distinct as Paris would have us believe.

Melody said...

You know, in this picture Paris almost looks pretty.

That's so mean...and very similar to what I thought when I saw the picture.

Sam, I don't think anyone is looking for a difference in Paris Hilton. People like mocking her, why would they want that to change?

Anyhow, the reason she looks prettier is because she normaly wears harsh colors and dramatic make-up. What she has on in the picure is much softer. Her make-up is done so that her eyes look bigger (more innocent?) and her hair isn't styled beyond what the girl next door might do with her hair.

I think Paris must have the best publicist in the world. A lot of actresses have been in trouble lately and tried to pretend they were going to clean up their act, but Paris is the only one who's bothered to look or act cleaned up.

Whether it's real or not I give her props just for that.

Melody said...

On another note, Jon, do you think that if Paris spends enough time pretending to be a good girl she actually will be one?

People always talk about someone pretending to be bad and then becoming bad...but when someone pretends to be good we say they're a fake.

Maybe it only works to go from good to bad that way because duplicity tends to be on the "dark side" so you're half way there...

Jonathan Erdman said...

No. I think that our self-perception goes a long way to changing our behavior and actions, and the result is a "real" change of self.

So, yes, I think that it is conceivable that Paris can spend enough time pretending to change that she actually will change.

I think it is possible that "change" might be a mere sound-byte in the beginning and over time Paris begins to believe her own spin and PR buzz.

Or maybe Paris knows what we want Paris to say (that she has changed and reformed) and in the process of doing her interviews and putting out her spin on who she will be she might actually convincer herself that she has changed. So, the "me" Paris wants you to see because the "me" she will be. Image proceeds essence. The celebrity becomes who we want her to be; entangled in her own spin.

ktismatics said...

Maybe Paris's family is going to open a new chain: the San Quentin Hilton, the Attica Hilton, the Folsom, the Leavenworth...

Jonathan Erdman said...


Jason Hesiak said...

The Doyle is himself full of funny soundbites today! Or how about The Rock Hilton...just next to Ocean's brand new Island Casino...built for all the misfits, run by Robin Hood, and guarded by the haunting presence of Frank Sinatra. Paris is the highlight of the entertainment here at Oceans The Rock Casino...and more sober Paris who will not tempt the misfits into misbehavior.

BTW I do think Paris looks prettier in her new mask. My first thought when I see her is no longer "annoying." That comes second, with thoughts of wanting to slap and/or high five her PR person.

I'll admit, though...I was happy to hear that she was in sever psychological distress after having to go back into jail...and then I was also happy to see her and her Mom hugging, which I would presume to be genuine affection and support in a difficult time.