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Thursday, June 14, 2007

Top Ten Signs That Paris Hilton Has Found God

Very funny. Some of these are inappropriate for a God-blog, but I just had to post them:

Top Ten Signs that Paris Hilton has found God
10 Instead of pretending to read newspapers, now pretending to read the Bible
9 Been exchanging text messages with Pope Benedict XVI
8 New catchphrase? "That's holy!"
7 Begins each day with a prayer to Santa
6 Spent the last 10 hours trying to turn water into cosmopolitans
5 Vowed to give up all earthly possessions that are no longer in style
4 Changed chihuahua's name from Tinkerbell to Ezekiel
3 Now, only time she gets on her knees is to pray
2 Latest sex tape sponsored by the National Council of Churches
1 Often asks herself: "Where would Jesus shop?"

1 comment:

ktismatics said...

Speaking of inappropriateness for a Godblog, check this out with respect to reason #9.