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Sunday, July 29, 2007

Bix 7

My first running of the Bix 7. It was elbow-to-elbow traffic for the first 4 (of 7) miles - very congested. At one point there was even a couple of morons who tried to pass directly through a group of racers. Yours Truly ran into one of the idiots. Plowing people over made me feel like a running back for the Fightin' Irish. (By the way, when does football season arrive??? Aaaaarrrrggghhhh!)

I was happy with my effort of 58:25. It is a hilly course, and unfortunately I started near the back, so it was a very uneven race for me. (Next year I shall be closer - this I vow!) For my age group (25-29, I believe) I finished 332 of 845, and overall I finished 2,278 out of something like eleven thousand racers.

Here is a post-race picture of my boyish figure:

Here is my back where you can see my tatoo....actually, what happened is that I placed a newspaper behind my back on the post-race drive back to the motel so as not to funktify the interior upholstery of my uncle's car. It left a temporary tat on my back with an advertisement for "Girls Night Out" at the Kansas City Royals ballpark.

Next up on the race schedule:
Crim in Flint, MI on August 25.
Lake City Half Marathon in Warsaw, IN on Sept. 15.

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