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Monday, July 23, 2007


"Now here"? Or "nowhere"?

I am now here in South Dakota (quite in the middle of the state), and that basically puts me in the middle of nowhere.

Heading into the Black Hills tomorrow for a three day backpacking trip. (Bringing Gadamer, Kierkegaard, and Patricia Highsmith's Ripley novels.)

See you later.

(For return times please consult your Mystic Seer.)


chris van allsburg said...

It's Erdman vs. Wild. I hope the wild likes high-end reading. And, I'm glad the lord saw it fit to not give me the last name of Gadamer.

Melody said...

Are you going backpacking or are you just putting a bunch of books in a backpack and sitting in the woods to read?

ktismatics said...

Have you ever seen the Magic Conch episode from Spongebob?

dawn said...

At least you brought some light reading with you! :)

Jonathan Erdman said...

I ended up spending all reading time in the novel!!!