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Friday, July 27, 2007

Keep on Truckin'

So, I emerged from the Black Hills, and soon after I'm on the road for the Bix 7 race. Somewhere on I-29 in either South Dakota or Iowa I opened my handy notebook, which contained about 8 or 9 Post-It notes full of reminders and notes for my latest essay as well as a couple of keen ideas for blogging subjects - with the windows being down (to compensate for the a/c that went out) all of those handy reminders are now floating around the fields of South Dakota (or Iowa). (So, if you are a South Dakota/Iowa farmer and have retrieved those post-it notes please call 574-527-3136 and you will be rewarded with a handsome ransom!!)

In any case, I have some great photos of the Black Hills to post when I get more time. Right now here is one for road:

All, right, all right, fine....I'll upload another one....but after this it's off to bed - after all, I've got a race to run tomorrow....This one is the view from the highest point overlooking the Black Elk Wilderness in the Black Hills:

My goodness, you just won't quit, will you???? Fine, one more pic - but that's it!

Here is picturesque Mount Rushmore. (It is quite difficult to take a bad picture in this area!)


Dawn said...

Those are amazing photos!! Can't wait to see more.

Jason Hesiak said...

Hope you had a good adventure. Besides loosing yourself in the wind as your post-it notes, of course.

Mt. Rushmore makes me giggle. Of course, many things that make me giggle also make me a bit angry.

Hollywood said...

Found a post-it note whirling around the lawn today. It said you owed Jess 20 bucks!

Jonathan Erdman said...

Oh, yea! Thanks for bringing that up! I had completely forgotten that I owed Jessica Simpson twenty dollars....