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Sunday, September 16, 2007

2007 Lake City Bank Half-Marathon

I am nuturing a rather sore left knee. Iced it today.

In Saturday's Half-Marathon I really hit a major wall in the last two miles. I've been training more for speed, and less for distance, and I didn't take anything to drink along the way, so by the time I got to mile 10 I had used all the gas in the tank. By mile 11 it was a matter of prayer. The last mile? I'm not quite sure how I got through that, but I do remember that my eye sight got a little funny and I started seeing sparkley things everywhere.

As is true for most local races here in Winona Lake and Warsaw there always seems to be some little quirk. Without quirks a local race would lack character. This time, for the life of me, I couldn't find any Gatorade to drink after the race. In fact, there wasn't anything at all set up to eat and drink! But the band was playing. Apparently, one of the guitarists formerly played with Ozzie or something....

I finished with a time of 1:46:29. That's something like 8:08 per mile, I think. James Kennedy topped the list with a time of 1:09, which I believe is something like 5:17 per mile - yikes! That's fast! James recently told me that he is feeling like he is in good shape. Ok. Yes. We can attest to that.

I feel a bit banged up because I ran the race hard, but it is a good pain. I only kill myself like this once or twice a year. (Because unlike other people, pain hurts me.)

Here I am pre-race. Like Superman I am ripping off my street clothes and getting ready to fly:


Derd said...

Good job, Jon! Now you've outdone me...so I guess I'll have to start running again!

What shoes did you wear? Did you take your iPod nano? =)

Joy said...

I sure hope you said something about the lack of drinks to the people who set up the race. That's craziness. There should have been water at certain points along the way AND at least water at the end. They clearly don't have experience. I'm just thankful you're alive. You did GREAT!!

Jason Hesiak said...

Yeah...I agree with derd and joy, Jon. This whole half-marathon thing is kind of crazy. You might catch me at Wall Street before you catch me in a half marathon :) But I have to say...your description of the last mile and the "quirks" touched my funny bone.

Matt said...

I don't understand endurance sports. Glad you had fun though.

Jonathan Erdman said...

derd: Did you take your iPod nano? =)

Uh, no. My ipod nano has completely died and no longer even starts.

I recently wrote a review at Amazon.com entitled "igotscrewed." As you can imagine, the review did not make it through the editing process.

What shoes did you wear

Saucony Triumph 4.

They have been good shoes for me, but for some reason there is a really weird curl in the shoe at the heel that digs into the back of my achilles tendon area. A definite drawback to the shoe.

dawn said...

Congrats! I did a half last year and jacked up my knee too. :( It was fun though!