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Friday, September 21, 2007

Shop Victoriously!

I love Ebay's newest slogan: Shop Victoriously!

Ebay is said to be Capitalism at its finest. Buyers pay for a product based on what it is worth. What is the worth of a product? Well, the consumer decides. It is supply and demand at its finest.

But notice that when Capitalism is extrapolated (as in the case with Ebay) the essence is competition. The marketplace is a battle field. This is war. The competition is on, and the good shopper is the "victorious" shopper. But every winner has at least one loser. Ultimately, then, it sets us against each other in a marketplace of consumption.

Interesting, though, that when it comes time to market itself the slogan "Shop Victoriously!" conjures up the image and perception that I will never lose. The reality, of course, is that someone must lose. Many bidders bid, and only one gains the coveted prize. But what if there is only one bidder? Surely then no one loses??? Ah, but then the seller loses, because he must undersell his product beneath market value.

So, we, the American faithful march on: Shop victoriously, America! And beat the living daylights out of anyone that stands in your way!

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Emily said...

And beat the living daylights out of anyone that stands in your way!

That's my motto!