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Wednesday, September 05, 2007

The waterfalls of love

The following is an attempt to change the tone and attitude of this blog. Following the reactions of my previous post I thought I would make an effort to bring "positive and uplifting" words, kinda' like the Christian radio stations.

Waterfalls of love
by Jonathan Erdman

As I enter the forest of peace I hear the sounds of joy
The tranquil little creatures scurry along
Spreading their little blessings of truth
I breathe in the freshness of heavenly air and say,
"Ah, 'tis the place for you
For here are the waterfalls of love"

I dance among the petals of delight
and rejoice upon the flowering wonder
The trees of tranquility bless me again
And the bushes of fullness bid me with a rustle
But my journey is beyond
For I journey to the waterfalls of love

As grace speeds me along and mercy bids me now
I come to the clearing of the pastures' sun
Upon my eyes fall the vision of goodness
And I say to my self, yea in that very place
"Self, 'tis the pathway of love and you shall proceed
To the waterfalls of love

From the clearing to the Victorious Elms!
Through the magnanimity of strength renewed
Verily my feet speed me on
I am carried, as it were, by the vision anew
And carried to the springs of which I speak
To the waterfalls, yea, the waterfalls of love

What spies my disbelieving eye?
'Tis the falls of them that have reached unto peace
I glide into the waters and they rush over my head
Waters of love
Oh, waters of love
My soul has reached them - the waterfalls of love


Melody said...

lol, I take it back go back to being all bitter and cranky.

Robin Marie said...

I'm all for bitterness, too. Please.

Beautifully Profound said...

I am all for positivity and fluffiness, but you have to have some sort of balance. You totally blew up the fluffy-meter with "Waterfalls of love." Goooo bacccck to being the J. Erdman we know and love!!!

Jonathan Erdman said...

I took the liberty of doing a Google search on "Waterfalls of love," and found a shorter poem. It lacks the momentum and imagery of my elegant verses, but I thought I would share it with you in the form of a dramatic reading....ahem.....

Dreams of a waterfall, like images in life you do see,

The power of flowing water like your love should be.

Reflections of sunlight with rainbows of love from the start,

With mist from the water brings freshness in your heart.

From the edges of rocks that changes directions of flow,

Like pathways of life with changes of love that you know.

The pressure of water as it hits bottom below,

Is like the pressure of sadness in your heart as you go.

The calmness of water as it leaves the falls you do see,

Like the calmness of love in life that will be.

Waterfalls of love

Emily said...

I'm in agreement w/ the bunch. Keep the audience and message the same, but sprinkle in an occasional surprise just for fun.

Jason Hesiak said...

funny. i actually wrote this a while ago. its too choppy for my liking, but...relevant...but with a slightly different tone (established by the first two lines):

Silent Speak

Converted reflections of a Holy Confession
Transforming mass of dark mountains
Melting and falling and rolling to shore
White-capped Graces are actually descending
Giving heads of a backwards light
Cascading down to the curve of my back.
When rising I see myself walking on water,
Mountains are like stains of a breathing Light
Surrounding me like a great white blanket.

Having lost my head in the sun
Circumcised words can listen
The way an ear can truly speak.

Judgment is the shadow of the lost sun
As seen in the dark of an unheard ear

Mercy is the speaking light.

Matt said...

Hey Jon, since you are a nice person now, can you get me a new weightlifting bar for my birthday. Mine are bent. I'll link people to this blog when I post my meet results. You'll get all the credit.

Jonathan Erdman said...

I've got a better idea. My blog will be the catalyst to fund-raise for charity causes, such as your need for weightlifting equipment. Of course, you'll have to promise to be a "Christian weightlifter"!

Beautifully Profound said...

Sounds good to me I need a digital camera, and YES I promise to give myself to the Lord and be a Christian photographer.

Matt said...

I can be positive and lifting up!

Jonathan Erdman said...

In that case, I've got the perfect slogan for you:
The UPlifting weightlifter

Andy said...

Just be yourself, Jon. Forget having a target audience. They're fickle, and the target keeps moving. If you're sweet and sour, be that way. If you haven't figured out who you are, then figure that out.... but if you want to be what others want you to be, you're not going to enjoy writing for this blog.

Oh, and, nice poetry. Seriously.

Jonathan Erdman said...

For documentations sake I post the following statement that resided upon the top of my blog, until this very morning:

We at the Theos Project are at a crossroads and need your input! In the past the posting has taken quite a cynical and pessimistic mood, especially in a recent post, and our readers have duly noted this dark phase. Additionally, we have posted on obscure issues such as theological hermeneutics and other academic/theological matters.

We are now looking to turn the corner and shift to a new target market. The following is our potentially new slogan along with the test-case for a new name "God's Firm Foundation":

Welcome to God's Firm Foundation! The website for positive and uplifting words. You've found a safe place on the internet!

Please compare the above new slogan with the old slogan that is still posted on the left-hand side-bar. Please then register your opinion in the poll below.