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Monday, April 07, 2008


I'm into a protein shake phase again. Having injured my knee in a half marathon last fall, I've been forced to switch up my workout routine. This means going from running 99.9% of the time to more of a cross training routine. So, now I bike, swim, do a little running (mostly jogging at this point), and also some weight training to try to build strength.

I read in the recent Runner's World that many endurance athletes may not be getting enough protein, protein usually being considered something for strength training. Since I am now trying to mix in strength training with endurance workouts, I am trying to do a bit with protein supplements.

What does all that have to do with cinnamon?

Well, I've done protein shakes before, but they taste bad. So, to sweeten the deal, I have usually ended up using sugar or honey to entice my taste buds. Let's face it, if it tastes like cardboard, the protein shake phases won't last long!

But sugar is something I'd rather not do a lot of. I try to cut sugar intake b/c most of what we eat in America relies heavily on sugar/corn syrup/etc. for flavor.

Enter cinnamon.

Cinnamon is a great way to add flavor to my protein shakes or to anything else, for that matter. I love the flavor of cinnamon, so if I mix in some raisins, blueberrys, and cinnamon I find that I do not have to add sugar to the protein shakes--and it's a really flavorful experience; a tasty way to get a heathly, powerpacked snack/meal. (Blueberrys, by the way, are the recent rage of healthful "powerfoods.")

So, if you are looking to cut the sugar and still add flavor to your food, consider cinnamon. It is a tasty spice, which also has some health benefits. And, who knows, maybe cinnamon can spice up your love life:
I have perfumed my bed
with myrrh, aloes and cinnamon.
Come, let's drink deep of love till morning;
let's enjoy ourselves with love!

Proverbs 7:17-18


Melody said...

Not a fan of cinnamon in most things - probably too many years of having it dumped into my oatmeal as an apology for the blandness and dumped in the applesauce, which I consider sacriligious. It is healthy though, so if you like it that's a plus.

Nice thing about fruit is that you are getting sugar, but it's the healthy kind.

Emily said...

I have always been a proud supporter of cinnamon. Add it to almost anything, and the food/beverage automatically tastes better.

Whenever I make pancakes, I dump enough c into the batter for my family to think I'm crazy. I used to add it to omelettes, too.

Melody said...

Actually, I think it might be kind of good in omelettes. I don't know why I think that, I don't like eggs...but it sounds good.

samlcarr said...

Any nutmeg fans out there?

Ken said...

Cinnamon Toast Crunch!

Oh yeah.

chris van allsburg said...

I have been making fruit smoothies for the past few years. Throw in these staples: banana, apple, strawberries. also put in whole oat groats (or flakes), flax seed (great for the bm!), plus cran, blue, black, and rasberries (or a bag of the frozen mix). some pineapple, mango, peach or whatever.

add some yogurt for the protein, + rice milk (or soy) and some orange juice.

your are good to go, bro!

Emily said...

Nutmeg's alright. I tend to only break it out in the fall, though... eggnog, pumpkin pie, and the like.

Emily said...

Chris--Those smoothies sound really good... but w/ all those fruits being used in the same smoothie, I think only one or two flavors would stand out and the rest would just blend in. It seems I'd want to limit the fruits to just a few. Of course, I have little to no smoothie making experience; this is just my thought.

chris van allsburg said...


you have the right idea. usually, monica and i put in the "staples," banana, apple, strawberries (or mixed berries). for thickener, the yogurt, flax and oats (or maybe wheatgerm).

you can then add some of the others i mentioned to suit your garnishing flavor. mix and match to your liking!


chris van allsburg said...

nutmeg is great in an apple pie.

chris van allsburg said...

so are cloves. cloves are good to smoke too. esp if you've escaped from fundamentalism like i did :)

Emily said...

A year ago I tried some hard candy w/ clove flavoring. Wow. My mouth went a little numb, but it was good!