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Friday, January 13, 2006

Academic Papers

Here is a listing of my academic papers....

Qohelet and Deconstruction

Aletheia and the Correspondence Theory of Truth
This is my research on aletheia and the correspondence theory of truth...

Truth Dichotomy
This essay examines certain philosophical trends in truth-research in light of the Gospel of John to ask the question of whether it is possible that truth has many forms (polymorphous) and also question whether truth has an "essence."

Open Theism: An Introduction
A very lengthy introduction to the theological movement known as "Open Theism." In this paper I take no position on Open Theism, but try to analyze the movement based upon the writings of its major advocates.
This paper was also published on the official Open Theism informational website. You can access this same paper here: http://www.opentheism.info/pages/opposition/

Kevin Vanhoozer's "Discourse on Matter"
An indepth interaction with Vanhoozer's essay dealing with a key hermeneutical question: To what degree is understanding an activity of the interpreter and to what degree is the interpreter a passive recipient?

Hermeneutics and an Internalist Epistemology This paper examines the impact of epistemic Internalism on biblical hermeneutics. In the past Internalism has dominated epistemology. What is the impact of this upon biblical hermeneutics? I think the impact is substatial. This paper I completed as part of a course requirement for a fantastic hermeneutics class taught by a fantastic Prof. - Dr. D. Brent Sandy.

A Problematic Theology
A short essay in length, but very broad in scope. I question the theological methodology that sets as its goal the solving of theological problems (for example the "problem" of free will and predestination, or the "problem" of the Trinity, etc.).

The Strange and Exclusive Claims of Christ
Ok, this one is short and really isn't very "academic," but here it is.

The Imprecatory Psalms:

I wasn't sure this really fit the category of "academic," but I did complete them as a part of a class assignment at Grace Theological Seminary. It was a series of three sermons. These are written in regular and common language and are written to be spoken. The sermons represent a great deal of research that I have done on the Imprecatory Psalms, particularly Psalm 137.

Sermon One - An Introduction to the Imprecatory Psalms
Sermon Two - The Cries of the Heart
Sermon Three - The Imprecatory Psalms: What does it all mean?

The Imprecatory Psalms - A Summary
This is a summary of my thoughts on the Imprecatory Psalms.

Academic Research on the Imprecatory Psalms
Here is some of the research associated with the above sermons. Unfortunately, I do not have the footnotes on this yet...but, God willing, I will someday! This is the deep and tedious exegetical research - exegesis at its worst!!