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Monday, January 23, 2006

Open Your Eyes!

You’ve got to love those routine check ups at the doctor’s office. You’re in the office for about an hour or so for a check up that takes a grand total of two minutes. But after all doctors are in a social class all themselves. We the people must wait until it is convenient for them to grace us with their presence. Nay! We must be grateful for the opportunity to wait!

Thankfully we live in the era of cell phones and while I waited in the office I was able to talk to some people, get some plans in order and do some catching up – technology is certainly a wonderful thing.

To the point then…the result of my trip to the doctor’s office is that after my laser surgery on my eyes my vision is now 20/15. This means that for the rest of you, who merely have 20/20 vision, I can see something that is 20 feet away with the same clarity that you can see the same thing only 15 feet.

I had laser surgery done on my eyes. I absolutely recommend it to anyone – assuming you have a good doctor. My experience was excellent. My vision was horrible prior to the surgery and after it, well, 20/15! I have a small idea now what it was like for the blind man of John 9:1-12. Of course, I knew what it was like to see because I had glasses and/or contacts prior to my surgery. But even still, there is nothing like being able to see with your own eyes. It is incredible!

Uh, by the way, as a little side question: Why did Jesus make mud out of his spit in order to heal the man’s sight in John 9:1-12? Why not just heal him with a touch? Or with a word?