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Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Movie Reviews for 06

Movie Reviews for 2006!


Ok, good article here on movies coming out this year (2006).  Like the guy in the article said, I was also a bit disappointed by the movie selection this year.  Star Wars, Revenge of the Sith saved the year for movies – as far as I’m concerned.  I liked Kong as well as the Narnia Series, but otherwise there was very little that made me want to shell out the necessary seven or ten bucks to catch a flick on the big screen.  (By the way, if you haven’t seen Kong you need to do that before it goes out of the theater.  If you see Kong it has got to be at the cinema – the movie is just too big for your tv!)

So, I’m ranking these movies on a scale of 1-5
5 – I would rearrange my whole life (and the lives of anyone around me) to see this movie the day that it comes out in the theater.
4 – Definitely going to see it in the theater….most likely…
3 – Might see it in the theater if I’ve got nothing much else going on, or if a friend wants to see it on the big screen.
2 – As long as I’m alive, I would never waste my time or money watching it.  But might watch it on DVD or television.
1 – Even if I’m dead I wouldn’t be caught in the same zip code as this movie.

Movies :

I love the super hero movies.  Batman Begins was incredible, as has been the Spiderman movies.  Remake of the most super of all of the super hero movies gives this a 4.25 on the Erdman scale.

Mission Impossible III:
I’m excited about this one.  I’m a big fan of the espionage/action flicks and I’ve enjoyed all of these Tom Cruise movies.  The only knock I have on this series is that it lacks the “It Factor.”  That’s right, no It Factor.  Don’t ask me to define what I mean by that because the It Factor is very intangible.  But whatever it is I can tell you that it really hasn’t been in the first few of these movies, which is a surprise because Cruise usually brings the It Factor to any movie he does.  3.9

Much the same story as MI3.  I’ve liked this series and I’ll probably see this one on the big screen.  3.75

Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man’s Chest:
Looking forward to the second installment of Johnny Depp’s big blockbuster.  As an actor he is growing on me.  I really enjoyed The Secret Window.  3.5

The Da Vinci Code:
I can’t really explain exactly why I like this one, but I’ve got a good hunch about it.  Suspense with Tom Hanks sounds interesting.  I haven’t read the book, but here it is a very, very good read.  I’m going to take a risk and give it a 4.2.

Other movies I’m looking forward to include Miami Vice and the latest M. Night Shyamalan film Lady in the Water.  (As a general tip, if you’re going to see a Shyamalan flick you really need to go to the theater.  Or watch it with a group of Shyamalan fans on someone’s big screen.)  I also am really looking forward to Mel Gibson’s Apocalypto, but I’m not sure how you follow up a movie like The Passion without disappointing a lot of people.  But I’m going to give Mel an honest try on this one.  The Pink Panther might also be of interest with Steve Martin playing Inspector Clouseau.