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Friday, January 27, 2006

The Pearly Gates are Wide Open

The Pearly Gates are Wide Open

“One of the central tenets of evangelical Christianity is that to be saved—to earn admission into heaven—you must accept Jesus Christ as your savior. Yet 68% of “born again” or “evangelical” Christians say that a “good person who isn’t of your religious faith” can gain salvation, according to a new Newsweek/Beliefnet poll.”

To me this piece is extremely fascinating and goes back to something I have always thought:  Despite what people are being taught by their Pastors most Christians have serious doubts about how non-Christians can be condemned to hell.  In my opinion there are not a lot of Pastors and spiritual leaders these days who: a. Truly believe that only those who accept Jesus Christ will be saved and b. Actually deal honestly with the issues that most of us these days are wrestling with.

There are Pastors who believe that Jesus is the only way, but fail to actually address the contemporary issues and difficulties.  Conversely, there are those who understand the issues people are wrestling with, but don’t really believe that Jesus is the only way and therefore do not address the issue.

The guy who wrote this piece, Waldman, states:
“How could so many Americans be tossing aside such a central element of theology? I think the Newsweek cover story that grew in part out of this poll has the best theory. Americans have become so focused on a very personal style of worship—forging a direct relationship with God—that spiritual experience has begun to supplant dogma.”