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Saturday, January 27, 2007

Super Bowl Thoughts

A few miscellaneous items as the super bowl approaches:

First, if you are the Colts and you win the toss do you elect to receive or to kick off? The Super Bowl is the biggest single sporting event on the planet - well, with the exception perhaps being the World Cup....But nonetheless the point is that as big as this event is there is bound to be a great deal of nerves and jitters on the opening drive, right? The first offense to take the field has to deal with a lot of nervous energy. So, perhaps kicking off would be best. Then the Colts get the ball to start the second half. Taking the second half kickoff will allow them to begin to execute their second half game plan.

The only downside I see here is if the Bears take the opening kickoff and establish a solid running game effectively keeping Peyton Manning out of the game for a while. If they were to establish the run and get an opening score I think this would go a long way to getting Rex Grossman's confidence going. And what if the Bears' dangerous special teams unit managed to run back the opening kick for a touchdown??? Hhhhmmmm.....probably best to kick it deep into the endzone, then, eh???

Ok, second note - and certainly the most important decision of the superbowl: What is the super bowl spread looking like this year? I don't mean the Vegas betting line (Colts -7), I'm talking about the food....What to eat, what to eat....That's still a work in progress for me....These kind of decisions cannot be rushed.

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