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Saturday, January 20, 2007

Weekend NFL Predictions

Firstly, the game of highest interest to me:

Colts finally get over the hump and make it to the super bowl.

I'm scared because I think that Tom Brady is going to have an incredible game. Brady is a gamer and I predict that he comes ready to play and that this week the Colts defense will not fair as well as last week. I think they play well, but I think Brady has a great game.

But look for Peyton to also have a good game. He has the most to prove.

I predict that Peyton and Brady both play well and that it ends up being an offensive shoot out. In the end Peyton and Brady play to a virtual draw and the Colts win on a field goal by Adam Vinatieri - a poetic end to the jinx that has been on the Colts and ushering in a new era in the rivalry between the Colts and Pats.

Final Score: 40-38

In the other conference I am going to go against conventional wisdom and the media pundits and pick the Bears to win. And I'm going to pick the Bears to win big - by two touchdowns. Final score: 34-20.

If the Colts and Bears both win it is going to be mega excitment level in my neck of the woods. I live almost two and a half hours from both Chicago and Indianapolis - right in the middle. So, there are many Bears and Colts fans in these here parts. It would make for a really energetic super bowl sunday!


Dawn said...

I'm hoping for a Colts/Bears Super Bowl as well...it'd be historic!

Anyhoo, you've been tagged on my blog, so you've got to get to work. :)

ktismatics said...

Nice picks.

Jonathan Erdman said...


I hope you put money on it!