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Friday, January 05, 2007

Vegas - Last set of pictures

Ok, here's the last you'll have to bear of my pictures from Vegas.

Nike town was cool....Nike town is always cool....

Hangin' out at the Luxor....that's a cat, Egyptian cat thing...er something...
(Double click the picture to see the cat thing better. Also notice that my eyes are orange on purpose to match my sweatshirt.)

New York, New York (a section on the strip)

Hangin' out with a random statue guy at one of the hotels. There are lots of cool statue guys and girls hanging out around the casinos and outside the casinos. Everything is kind of like a carnival. There are themes for each hotel. It's a fun place to be - lots of excitement....Yes I am wearing my Notre Dame sweatshirt - and still proud of it despite the whooping by LSU =(

Random golden lion

Good place to eat....incredible cheesecake....

All right, all right, here's a little sample of the cheesecake...you can have a little taste, if you must!

Here the girlfriend I made while in Vegas....alas, it was only a fling....probably for the better, though, she looked really nice, but she was a little rigid and cold once you got close!

I post this because it just goes to show you that we can never escape the long, cruel grasp of Abercrombie and Fitch....maybe someday we can rid the world of A&F and usher in the Kingdom!


Jeffy said...

I can't believe you went to Nike town while you were in VEGAS!

Jonathan Erdman said...

Of course. Even in Vegas a man has to keep his priorities straight.