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Thursday, December 14, 2006


There is an interesting discussion getting started about apathy and our generation. I have added a few long winded comment to the discussion. Here is the link:

Is this generation apathetic towards Christianity or religion? If so, how does the church reach an apathetic generation? Or is the church itself apathetic??


Matthew said...

The church is definitely in a sad state. Consider how many massive churches there are, the millions of people, the billions of dollars, and we are "losing" to other religions and to evil in general. However, I don't think it is apathy. I think it is a high level of distration. Things like materialism, television, and achieving solial status. It's not that we don't care, we just don't make the time for God and his work.

Melody said...

Interesting discussion.

I think there is definately apathy out there. Alot of it comes from peopel who have grown up around the church and find it hurtful, petty, and irrelevant say "whatever" and walk away.

It doesn't mean anything to the way they live their life so of course they don't care.