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Monday, December 11, 2006


ipurchased an ipod
as well as the sport pack
the sport pack includes a chip that beams a signal
up to my ipod
to tell me how fast iam going

when ifirst got the sport pack
iread through the manual
the ipod sport pack isn't terribly complicated
but still it requires a bit of knowledge

so ihit the road and tested the gadget
it didn't work for me
and so ireturned to the manual for more instruction
and the second time around isaw more in the manual than ihad seen before

so what is the point?
after all, iwouldn't waste your time with nonesense
here it is:
our experiences inform our understanding of the text
experience and understanding go hand in hand

when ireturned to the manual after testing the gadget
ibetter understood what it was that the manual was saying
the manual was fresh
the manual seemed new, in a lot of ways

the same thing happens when iread the ancient Scriptures
experiences of life change us
and the Word is new when we return to it
why is it new?
because we have moved
because we have changed
life has transformed attitudes, perceptions, and outlooks
in the stream of life the Word finds new ways to communicate on different levels