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Thursday, December 28, 2006

Red Rock Videos

Here is some video at the top of Turtlehead Peak at Red Rock Canyon just outside of Vegas.

Here is a "wild" burro. Actually, he's kind of a scavenger trying to bum some food off of the tourists. A few cheese puffs spilled out of the mini van and the burro was quick to nibble them up! There was a huge crowd around him because "everybody loves the donkey."


Melody said...

Very nice...the little rat dog cracked me up.

Dawn said...

Very funny...especially the Beavis giggle when you said "ass".

LINDSAY said...

WOw! What a hike! The fact that their was a little dog with a sweater was hilarious. Plus, the dog kinda looked like my dog treasure. The views were beautiful!

LINDSAY said...

I thought you kinda looked like Jesus with the white sweat shirt and the intense stream of light falling on your face!hee