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Saturday, December 23, 2006

Vegas Day One

Not all that much time to do too much today, but we did hit the strip. A few things that a Vegas first-timer (from the cornfields of Indiana) notices: Vegas is bright, sexy, and money is flying around everywhere. The lights are everywhere - even drug stores sparkle and blink. Everywhere you look there is skin - fliers for prostitutes, strip clubs, etc., and ads for shows and showgirls. Basically, there is a lot of energy in Vegas.

Here is me on the plane.

Slot machines are everywhere. These are a few of the slot machines that greeted us when we stepped off of the plane. That's my buddy, Dan, standing next to them.


Dawn said...

Is that a Duke sweatshirt you're wearing?! And you're from Indiana?

*shakes head*

That's just a shame.

Jonathan Erdman said...

Yes, Dawn, I am ashamed!

Confession: I cheered for Duke when J.J. Reddick played for them. I couldn't help it - he had such a pure jump shot. The best since Steve Alford - better, actually!

LINDSAY said...

I remember those slot machines from the time I went, and it's unbelievable that the slot machines are everywhere

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