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Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Day Two Vegas Pics

Here are some pictures from day two. On some of these pictures I recommend clicking (or double clicking) on them to see them to see a larger size.

Here I am before my early morning Vegas run....a bit delusional - it's about 4am, but only 7am by my Indiana time. If you are into running/jogging I recommend getting out to Vegas and running the strip in the wee early hours. It was relatively deserted in the early morning, but it was still dark and most of the strip (especially on the south side) was still lit up and glowing. It was kind of funny because at one point I ran up on three guys who were walking and had spread out in such a way that I couldn't get through them or go around them. I kind of came up on them hoping they would hear me, but they didn't. So, I tapped one of the guys on the shoulder and said "Hey!" He jumped about 20 feet in the air and looked like he had seen a ghost. I couldn't help but laugh, and I patted him on the chest and said "Thanks" as I ran by and continued my run.

A fountain outside of The Venetian

Sex and skin is everywhere. There are flyers and business cards for strip joints and prostitution, etc, etc. Vegas has every pleasure and desire you could want - and then some...

A picture of the Vegas strip from above.
(Double click on this one to see it a bit larger. It looks better if it is bigger.)

1 comment:

LINDSAY said...

Isn't the Venetian beautiful! Did you go see the mall section where the sky changes and it even rain into the canal?