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Tuesday, March 13, 2007


How ironic. If we look at the vast spectrum of human history we are nothing. If we look at the vast spectrum of eternity we are even less.

And at each moment we are merely one amongst 6 billion or so.

What is man that you are mindful of him?

Yet each moment contains within it such an incredible amount of potential. We are influencing eternity with each blink of the eye.

How ironic. Each moment so full of meaning and potential. And yet each moment is at the same time so meaningless. To be a person of perpective forces us to bounce back and forth between these two poles.


Lindsay said...

I also find it very hard, but enjoyable to try to wrap my mind around humanities existance. It is hard sometimes to live out ones daily routines when life is being forced between the two worlds of meaningless and meaningful.
When I was a little girl I struggled with the meaningful part of life, instead sometimes I viewed life as an empty, almost computer generated world. Where someone bigger than me was controlling my life and the lives around me with senseless management. Then I came to realize despite the meaningless life around me, Christ was the what made it meaningful. What I do for me is going to blink into eternity without meaning, but what I do for Christ will transcend beyond this life.

d said...

do you think the pervasive meaninglessness among most is something that has been consistent through the ages? It seems rampant to me, and at the same time I find it difficult to believe that it has always been the case.

Jonathan Erdman said...

I didn't mean to imply that pervasive meaninglessness has been consistent through the ages. I agree with you that meaninglessness is probably something that is much more prevelant in this day and age. Lindsay mentioned that she viewed life as an empty, computer generated world. And then there was the Matrix movies where we all questioned how we define what is "real". Is it possible that everything we are and everything we see is just somekind of electronic reality? (Peronally, I think the movie The Thirteenth Floor captured this point on meaning just a bit better than the Matrix.)

Society and culture move so fast that some speculate whether or not we even have a linear concept of history anymore....I wonder the same....And then you add to the mix the pluralism of our culture, and it really gets difficult to latch onto something that is lasting/eternal as a source of meaning......

So, yes, I think I agree with you, Danny.

d said...

Sorry, should've been more clear. You didn't imply in your post that meaninglessness has been rampant, I was just asking for your thoughts. I agree it does seem more prevelant, but I'm not sure why I think so. One must consider the unpresedented peace and prosperity this society has experienced along with the incredible technilogical achievments, the conforts, and security while pondering these things.

Dawn said...

I find it pretty amazing that God uses us the way that he does...He's God afterall.