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Monday, March 05, 2007


Have you guys heard of this? It's a crack pot classified ad website in the San Francisco bay area. It's a freebie, cheap looking website that is run by some middle aged guy in a two bedroom apartment and it is costing newspapers millions of dollars in ad revenue. To reiterate: It is a very cheesy and cheap looking site. It even has a hippy looking peace sign as its icon. The guy who runs it is doing fine financially, but he has turned down huge money from people who have offered to buy the site. The reason? He doesn't want them to turn the website into something it is not. So, he's turning down becoming a millionaire to run this crack pot website out of his two bedroom apartment. A great story.

Check it out: http://sfbay.craigslist.org/
Look at the personal ads - very funny. There is a "Strictly Platonic" section with people who are looking for companions to watch soap operas with. There is also this guy who is looking for a female hiking partner who is "fit" to be "just friends, but who knows, maybe more"! It's great.


Robin Marie said...

Craigslist is a great spot to get freelance jobs, so I got there often, however, because it IS a cheap site, it's sometimes hard to understand exactly what people are asking/looking for, and it's not necessarily... monitored.

Melody said...

Oh yes, everyone knows about Craigslist.

I've never used it, but people talk about it all the time.

Jonathan Erdman said...

Well, I guess I'm the last one on the scene....and, yes, I have heard of youtube.....

ktismatics said...

There's a Craig's List in Denver. When we moved to France we sold a lot of stuff through that site -- way more helpful than the newspaper ads.

Dawn said...

Yeah, I've heard about it, but I've never gone. Gosh, I wonder if I'd turn down that kinda loot?