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Friday, March 23, 2007

Marriage Proposals Gone Wild

I ran across a hillarious blog on marriage proposals gone wrong at Kruse Kronicle:

It seems as though there is a website dedicated to the subject:

Some of these are brutal....I copied and pasted one that is particularly painful! The guy gets turned down even after writing her a song! Ouch!!


ktismatics said...

Just goes to show you should never video yourself. And who posted this, him? Dude's got issues.

Jonathan Erdman said...

Notice how intense he is. He is obviously putting everything on the line, but it is obvious she just has absolutely no respect for the dude!

Jonathan Erdman said...

Here's my question:

Is this a real marriage proposal? Or are these just two actors who are imitating a real and genuine and authentic moment of humiliation?

Does it matter whether it is "real" or set-up?

If somebody told you that these were two very talented actors would you find this video less enjoyable?

ktismatics said...

I'm voting setup. I prefer fiction to fact.

Jonathan Erdman said...

Some people might feel a bit betrayed if they thought that this was fact and then it turned out that it was fiction parading as fact....How would you feel if you found out something was fact parading as fiction?

Melody said...

I think I would be a little dissapointed. You go into it with a different mindset if you think they're actors than if you think they'll real people.

Melody said...

They're...it should be they're.